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KR808D-1 Ego Battery
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$60.00 KR808D-1 EGO KIT

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Pax dry Herb Kit
Price : $60.00
This kit includes: 1 KR808D-1 Ego 900Mah Battery, 1 usb, 1 10ml Liquid, 1 charger, 1 clearomizer, 1 hard case


  • 1 Pax Unit with 1 Screen
  • 1 Mouthpiece and 1 Lid
  • 1 AC Wall Charger Dock
  • 1 Small Cleaning Kit (5 Pipe Cleaners & 5 Cleaning Wipes)
  • 2 packets of Mouthpiece Lubricant
  • 1 Pax Instruction Manual
- See more at:
i Taste MVP
Price : $60.00
This is an empty tube for the ego t upgrade MOD It is an upgraded iTaste mvp 2.0 battery with lots of new amazing features.
1, the vaping button is responsive and more convenient to operate.
2, the color of the display has been changed from red to blue, giving it more soft feel. The function of two buttons beside the screen changed.
3, iTaste MVP 2.0 not only allows you to adjust voltage from 3.3 volts to 5 volts but also you can adjust wattage.Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 –11.0 W by 0.5 watts increments.
4, the iTaste V2.0 has added the ohm meter. It will display resistance of the attached atomizer, then it will display the current voltage after 2 seconds.
Battery Level Indicator:
The iTaste MVP battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.
Green = Fully Charged
Yellow = Half Discharged
Red = In need of charging
Diamond 510 Battery
Price : $20.00
Vape in style with these stylish 650 Mah 510 Battery.
Works on 510 ego usb charger.
2 510 ego battery 900mah , 2 Clearomizers V3, 1 usb, 1 wall adapter, 1 ego case, 5ml Lakeshore Liquids
kr808d-1 ego kit
This is a kr808d-1 threaded 1100mah battery. Works on all 808 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers and a 420 mah charger.
Cape in style
This kit contains:
1 900Mah KR808D01 Ego Battery
1 Pack of 5 Cartomizers( flavor and strength of choice) Put in comments if there is a flavor you would like to try.
1 Usb Charger
You can either have 1 ego Case or Usb Wall adapter- Please pick one
Picture shows two battery- This is a single battery kit.
510 ego super kit
This Kit comes with:
 2 - 510 900Mah Ego Battery
5 Prefilled Cartomizers
1 usb Charger
1 Ego Case
- Please pick battery color and Flavor
2 kr808d-1 650 Battery
1 Clearomizers
1 10ml Lakeshore Liquid
1 usb charger
1 Wall adapter
1 Gift Box
Fruity fresh in every sip.


nnokin Cool FireⅡStarter Kit is the newest product from Innokin,it has many features that make it stand out.

Features:1.Adjust wattage by the rotational wheel.2.ON/OFF battery switch. Press the switch 3 time to turn on/off the mod,the LED blinks red-yellow-green when turn it on,LED only be red when turn it off.3.LED Battery Power Display.Green LED light means full charged.Yellow LED light means half charged.Red LED light means low battery and charge needed.4.Low Voltage Warning.5.Support UNPROTECTED 18350 batteries.

Holds 6ml of liquid.

This DCT Cartomizer comes with 3 pieces.
The Tank, Cartomizer, drip tip.
This is a BCC mega clearomizer, comes with:
1 - 1.8 ohm coil wick
1 - 2.5ohm coil wick
Works with all 510 Batteries.
Protank coil wick
Price : $3.00
Great way to carry your ego battery. This is a replacement coil wick for your protank
510 Echo Cartomizer
Price : $4.00
Features: Huge vapor,  Huge capacity, Clean taste, Vogue design, Clean filling and easy to fill ejuice directly. This is a pre-punched Cartomizer Made for the Dual Coil Tanks. This cartomizer is not to be used without  the tank.
510 Ovape Clearomizer
Price : $8.00
Price Deal of the Day Price: $7.00
Savings: $1.00

Each Ovape contains 3 parts, a base, a changeable coil head and a transparent tube including a transparent mouthpiece on the top. No need to use Drip Tip.

Ovape also has a regular ego threading and fits most devices with ego threading.

Made by Kumiho

Great new Way to enjoy Your Lakeshore Liquids.
This is a blue dot V3 Clearomizer and acn use a blue dot replacement wick when the wicks burns out.
kr808d-1,510,ego battery.
1100 LCD Ego Battery
Price : $25.00
Please choose 510 or KR808d-1 Battery. This battery has a LCD screen that shows the remaining battery power and Puff count. Holds 1.0ml
Currently have in clear, blue, gray.
EVOD clearomizer has the same bottom coil heating system, same ego threading, same metal tube with viewing windows and great performance as kanger MT3 clearomizer. But EVOD's bottom coil head and metal base is detachable, so it will be less expensive to replace a coil. This is a KR808d-1 Style battery. Works with all Kr808d-1 cartomizers,tanks,clearomizers.
10 New Styles..
Evod c
Fill Your carts with Lakeshore Liquids **Please choose your flavor and strength from the Drop Down.
New flavors all the time!
This is new product from kanger. 510 threading battery body only. Evod battery body and control head are two separate parts. This battery will not work without the control head.
Ego Tank Super Kit
Price : $75.00
kr808d-1 Super Kit
Price : $50.00
2 Ego Tank Battery
2 Tank Atomizer
5 Tank Cartridges
usb/wall charger
Mouth Piece
Gift Box
2 battery
1 usb/wall charger
6 cartomizer
Price : $16.00
This is a pre-punched Cartomizer Made for the Dual Coil Tanks. This cartomizer will not work without the Tank. This is a 510 Mini. 350MAH
Good hit and easy to travel with.

This is the lastet Bolt 18650 Mod made of a anodized aluminum and has a magnetic switch.

The anodized surface has a great sheen to it and looks great. It is designed to hold a protected 18650 3.7v button or flat top battery.

The bolt will also work great with most tanks and clearomizers with 510/eGo threading because of the side mounted magnetic switch and the 510/eGo connection on top.

Great addition to our kr808d-1 clearomizers. This is a powerful clearomizer that has a rotating drip tip.
Comes with a 2.4 ohm. But 1.8 and 2.8 ohm available for replacements.
kr808d-1 Ego Battery
Price : $20.00
This is a 650 Mah Kr808d-1 ego battery. Lakeshore Vapors NEW Triple Vapor

Battery works as a manual,auto, and pass-through

Comes with charger!
510 Oreo Ego
Price : $22.00
This is a KR808D-1 Ego battery J9 Series. Great looking ego.
Mystic cartomizers
Protank 3 set
Price : $25.00
Mystik cartomizers
Price : $10.00
This is a great set. Comes with protank 3 clearomizer, 2 wicks, filler shelf . Great sweet flavor, hint of vanilla and a burst of expresso.
KR808D-1 Slim Ego
Price : $20.00
The Slim Ego output voltage can reach 4.2v and 380mah. This ego has an indictor light to show battery power.
Great kit with everything you need to start vaping today
510 EGO Economy Kit
Price : $45.00
This kit comes with; 1. 510 Battery 650 mah 1. clearomizer , 1 usb charger, 1 hard case, 1 10ml empty bottle for your e-liquid
Replacement wick for your smok tech tumbler

This is a replacement coil wick for your 510 iclear 16 clearomizer. (Green dot) This is a 900 mah kr808d-1 ego battery. Use a 420 mah charger on this battery.
This is a Ego 420ma usb charger only, You will need a wall adapter to plug into the wall. This will work alone with any usb port.
This is a 900 mah KR808D-1 Ego Battery V series
New : 5 new Colors
1 Small Ego Case
Usb charger
1 Ego Battery with Cone
5 Cartomizers
Small bottle of Lakeshore Liquids
Holds 1.0ml
Currently have in clear, blue, gray.yellow, red,
This is a 510 threaded Vivi Nova Tank 2.5. This kit comes with 2 extra wicks. 1.8ohm and 2.8ohm Pick your flavor and strength.
this is a pack of 5 per filled cartomizers for your kr808d-1 battery New flavors in all the time.
Ego Tavel Kit
Price : $65.00
2 KR808D-1 Ego batteries
2 Cartomizer Covers (Cone)
1 usb charger
5 Cartomizers
1 Travel Ego Case
1 kr808d-1 650 Battery
1 Clearomizers
1 10ml Lakeshore Liquid
1 usb charger
1 Wall adapter
1 Gift Box
Ego g wax kit
Ego G wax kit
Price : $40.00
KR808D-1 Ego Battery 900Mah
Price KR808D-1 900Mah Ego $22.00
650mah Ego Battery
Wax Atomizer sjl-2
atomizer puffs: 300 puffs
This is a KR808D-1 900 Mah Ego Battery. It will work with all your KR808D-1 clearomizers, Tanks, Cartomizers
Charges with a 420 Usb Charger
KR808D-1 Passthrough
Price : $18.00
This is a KR808D-1 Ego Y Battery, Works with all KR808D-1 Supplies. 900Mah Plugs into any usb port.
It is the hottest and latest clearomizer for electronic cigarette device with 510/eGo threading from 3v to 6v, This is a ce5 Dual coil Iclear 16. Please order innokin i clear 16 replacement wicks when needed. This battery is a manual kr808d-1.
Battery Output Voltage: 3.4v
N fire,noire,n-fire battery
N-Fire (510threaded)
Price : $38.00
510 Variable Voltage battery. 3.3-4.8v
Wooded brown 900mah
charges with any 420mah 510 charger.
Very sharp looking battery. Vale in style
*Three voltages available in one battery, so you can easily swap between different voltages.
510 Express Kit
Price : $30.00
This is a 1100 mah battery. This is a kr808 threading  battery. It will work on all kr808d-1 atomizers,cartomizers and tanks. Charge this battery with a 420mah output charger. This is a great starter kit
Comes with 1 510 ego battery 650mah
1 ce4 clearomizer
1 usb charger
Kr808d-1 Prefilled Cartomizer- Green Mint
Price List Price: $10.00
Price : $10.00
Price Sale Price: $8.00
Savings: $2.00
Pick your flavor and strength. Taste like Double Mint Gum
kr808d-1 twist,kr808d-1 twist, kr808d-1 variable voltage
KR Cartomizers
Price : $10.00
This is a KR808D-1 1100Mah Revolver/twist Battery. It is Variable voltage from 3.2v - 4.8v. This charges on a 420mah usb charger.
Easy to change with a turn of the dial!
All Cartomizers (packs of 5) are $10 Please see individual flavors.
510 Christmas kit
Price : $30.00
KR808D-1 Car Kit
Price : $65.00
Great Christmas gift
1-650 mah battery
1-clearomizer ce4
1-USB chcharger comes in green or red with Xmas tree on the bottom.
2 KR808D-1 Batteries
1 Usb/Wall charger
1 Car Charger
5 Cartomizers
1 Travel Case
A Economy Kit
Price : $35.00
KR808D-1 Single ego kit
Price List Price: $45.00
Price : $40.00
Price Sale Price: $40.00
Savings: $5.00
1 Battery 1 usb/wall charger 5 Cartomizers Gift Box
Cartomizers of your choice
This kit comes with a 900 Mah Ego battery (white,black,pink,silver)
1 clearomizer
1 10ml of liquid
1 usb
i case (black or Pink)
Mystic e liquid
Mystik 10ml
Price : $7.00
Great sweet flavor, hint of vanilla and a burst of expresso.
Full Set Comes with:
 1- 18650 Battery 1- MOD Body 1- Upgraded Head 1- Charger (usb or base charger)
Variable Voltage or Constant Voltage 
EVOD battery is customized for the EVOD clearomizer, although EVOD clearomizer can work well with most eGo/eGo T/eGo C batteries, like MT3 does.
Each EVOD battery has 3.7V constant output voltage, which makes sure its constant performance no matter it is fully charged or not.
You will love this Tank. Fill it up in the Morning and it should last all day!

Holds 6ml of liquid.

This is a kr808d-1 Tank
The Triple Vapor

Auto battery, Manual battery and a Passthrough
All in one!
NEW KR808d-1 Ego K Battery. 1100mah
This is an updated Ego battery with a on/off safety feature.
Fits all KR808D-1 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers.
510 ego kit,elctric cigarette
510 Ego Economy Kit
Price : $40.00
The Triple Vapor

Auto battery, Manual battery and a Passthrough
All in one!
This kit includes:
1 510 900Mah Ego battery
1 1.8ml clearomizer 
1 420mah usb charger
1 Ego case

Mystic e liquid
Mystik 30ml
Price : $16.00
Drip tips
Price : $5.00
Great sweet flavor, hint of vanilla and a burst of expresso. Fun way to dress up your clearomizer,cartomizers.
please describe the one you like. I am working on labeling each one. Please pick design and color.
Protank Set
Price : $23.00
This battery is an auto, just put cartomizer,clearomizer on it and puff away..
Battery Output Voltage: 3.4v
New Protank Clearomizer made by KangeTech.
Great set- 1 clearomizer, 1 extra bcoil wick, 1 middle shelf.

KR808d-1 Protank Clearomizer
Price List Price: $12.00
Price : $19.00
Price Sale Price: $12.00
510 650 mahEgo Battery Great new protank clearomizer. Bottom fill. Uses evod replacement wicks.
This is replacement coil wick for your protank3 or evod 2 clearomizer.
comes in 1.8, 2.2 or 2.5ohm
This is a V3 Clearomizer to be used with your KR808D-1 Battery.
- You can replace the wick
Apple,Blueberry,Strawberry,Coffee,Tobacco flavors, menthol flavors and 100 more! This is a replacement wick for your kr808-1 h2 clearomizer
Ego Case
Price : $16.00
Skittles cartomizers
Price : $10.00
This is a great portable case for your EGO or EGo supplies. Candy flavor in every puff.
Protank clearomizer
Price : $20.00
This is a Single Protank Clearomizer.
NEW KR808d-1 Ego Q Battery.
This is an updated Ego battery with a on/off safety feature.
Fits all KR808D-1 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers. 
NEW KR808d-1 Ego Q Battery.
This is an updated Ego battery with a on/off safety feature.
Fits all KR808D-1 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers. 
Awesome fruity mix of watermelon and strawberry.
Ego Tank battery
Price : $22.00
The eGo-Tank batteries feature a power saving function. Click the button 5 times fast to lock or unlock the battery. This feature can also be used as a safety to prevent accidental discharge.
The lastest Vision Clearomizers V3 with detachable parts has arived!
Make sure to order Blue dot v3 wicks for your replacement parts.
Evod c
This is new product from kanger. 510 threading control head only. Evod battery body and control head are two separate parts. This control head will not work without the battery body. 5 Ml xxl Cartomizer.
This kit features:
2 Battery
1 usb/wall charger
6 Cartomizers
and a personal charging case!
Never have a dead battery with a charger in your pocket!
[Joyetech] This is a controller only.
Joye eGo T Upgrade 18650 Battery MOD Controller


New Cartomizer

Kr808d-1 tumbler tank

Price : $10.00
Vase looking clearomizer. Bottom fill and changeable wick system. Comes with 2.4ohm but 1.8,2.4,2.8 available for replacements.

Top Sellers

Kr808d-1 glow in the dark clearomizer
Price : $8.00
Grapple cartomizers
Price : $10.00
10ml flavor
Price : $7.00
This is a kr808d-1 EGO KIT
Price : $60.00


KR808d-1Evod Twist 1100 mah battery
Price : $29.00
Evod battery
Price : $22.00
i Taste 5v Variable Voltage
Price : $50.00
H5 clearomizer
Price : $8.00
H5 clearomizer replacement wick
Price : $3.00