kr808d-1 passthrough battery
Pick your flavor and strength. This is a 900 Mah KR808D-1 Ego Passthrough Battery with Charger.
Works as a passthrough and battery alone.
Charges at the bottom of battery
NEW KR808d-1 Ego Q Battery.
This is an updated Ego battery with a on/off safety feature.
Fits all KR808D-1 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers. 
KR808d-1 Protank Clearomizer
Price List Price: $12.00
Price : $19.00
Price Sale Price: $12.00
510 Ego Y Series
Price : $22.00
Great new protank clearomizer. Bottom fill. Uses evod replacement wicks. This battery is a manual kr808d-1.
Battery Output Voltage: 3.4v
These are 900Mah 510 Ego Battery's. Y series, Please pick a style for your New Electric Cigarette Battery.
Price : $16.00
NEW KR808d-1 Ego K Battery. 1100mah
This is an updated Ego battery with a on/off safety feature.
Fits all KR808D-1 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers.
This kit includes: 1 KR808D-1 Ego 900Mah Battery, 1 usb, 1 10ml Liquid, 1 charger, 1 clearomizer, 1 hard case This is a 510 Mini. 350MAH
Good hit and easy to travel with.
KR808D-1 Passthrough
Price : $18.00
Plugs into any usb port. This is a KR808d-1 Style battery. Works with all Kr808d-1 cartomizers,tanks,clearomizers.
10 New Styles..
The cigar Taifun Gt (clone) is a high quality rebuildable atomizer that features a large 5ml clear plastic tank and an adjustable center pin.
This is a pre-punched Cartomizer Made for the Dual Coil Tanks. This cartomizer will not work without the Tank.

This is the lastet Bolt 18650 Mod made of a anodized aluminum and has a magnetic switch.

The anodized surface has a great sheen to it and looks great. It is designed to hold a protected 18650 3.7v button or flat top battery.

The bolt will also work great with most tanks and clearomizers with 510/eGo threading because of the side mounted magnetic switch and the 510/eGo connection on top.

Apple,Blueberry,Strawberry,Coffee,Tobacco flavors, menthol flavors and 100 more!
Pax dry Herb Kit
Price : $60.00
510 Oreo Ego
Price : $22.00


  • 1 Pax Unit with 1 Screen
  • 1 Mouthpiece and 1 Lid
  • 1 AC Wall Charger Dock
  • 1 Small Cleaning Kit (5 Pipe Cleaners & 5 Cleaning Wipes)
  • 2 packets of Mouthpiece Lubricant
  • 1 Pax Instruction Manual
- See more at: http://www.ploom.com/pax#sthash.qCibfWwk.dpuf
The Triple Vapor

Auto battery, Manual battery and a Passthrough
All in one!
Great looking ego.
Awesome fruity mix of watermelon and strawberry. This is a KR808D-1 Ego battery J9 Series. This is a kr808d-1 threaded 1100mah battery. Works on all 808 clearomizers,tanks,cartomizers and a 420 mah charger.
Cape in style
Ego Tank battery
Price : $22.00
KR808D-1 Car Kit
Price : $65.00
1 Small Ego Case
Usb charger
1 Ego Battery with Cone
5 Cartomizers
Small bottle of Lakeshore Liquids
The eGo-Tank batteries feature a power saving function. Click the button 5 times fast to lock or unlock the battery. This feature can also be used as a safety to prevent accidental discharge. 2 KR808D-1 Batteries
1 Usb/Wall charger
1 Car Charger
5 Cartomizers
1 Travel Case
A Economy Kit
Price : $35.00
KR808D-1 Slim Ego
Price : $20.00
1 Battery 1 usb/wall charger 5 Cartomizers Gift Box
Cartomizers of your choice
The Slim Ego output voltage can reach 4.2v and 380mah. This ego has an indictor light to show battery power.
Holds 1.0ml
Currently have in clear, blue, gray.
EVOD battery is customized for the EVOD clearomizer, although EVOD clearomizer can work well with most eGo/eGo T/eGo C batteries, like MT3 does.
Each EVOD battery has 3.7V constant output voltage, which makes sure its constant performance no matter it is fully charged or not.
Fill Your carts with Lakeshore Liquids **Please choose your flavor and strength from the Drop Down.
New flavors all the time!
2 kr808d-1 650 Battery
1 Clearomizers
1 10ml Lakeshore Liquid
1 usb charger
1 Wall adapter
1 Gift Box

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Kr808d-1 glow in the dark clearomizer
Price : $8.00
This is a kr808d-1 EGO KIT
Price : $60.00
Grapple cartomizers
Price : $10.00

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Evod battery
Price : $8.00
i Taste 5v Variable Voltage
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Banana split Kr808D-1 Cartomizers
Price : $10.00
Price Deal of the Day Price: $7.00
Evod battery
Price : $22.00
KR808d-1Evod Twist 1100 mah battery
Price : $29.00