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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Save Vaping!

(1) Send a Message! Support HR 2058 which could save the vapor industry from total destruction.


(2) Tell your Attorney General that you stand with Iowa AG Tom Miller and his statement regarding a reasoned, scientific debate about the merits of vapor products


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Safe Vaping

Calculating Actual Battery Discharge Rate
Battery Voltage ÷ Resistance of coils = Actual Discharge Rate
Sony VCT4 (30A Battery) 3.7Volts
3.7 (Volts) ÷ 0.2 Ohm (Built) = 18.5 Amp Discharge
The Actual Discharge Rate must be lower than the Amp rating on the battery for it to be safe to use.
If the actual discharge rate is higher the the batteries rating, it is trying to release more amperage than the battery can actually produce.
For more info Check out Vaping Safe here! Vaping Safe