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What is a electronic cigarette or cigar?
An “Electronic Cigarette”, also known as an “E-cigarettes”, “E-cigs” or a “Personal Vaporizer”, is a Smokeless battery-powered device. They are non-combustible and do not require any flames. They provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. It’s a Clean alternative to smoking tobacco products, such as cigarettes or cigars. In addition to purported nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation. An “Electronic cigarette” usually takes the form of some manner of elongated tube, though many are designed to resemble the outward appearance of real smoking products, like cigarettes and cigars. Most electronic cigarettes are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable parts. All Electronic Cigarettes and E-Cigars for Sale at Lakeshore Vapors are a safer alternative to traditional smoking methods. Giving the appearance of traditional cigarettes and cigars, electronic products come with refillable parts and are charged using AC, DC or USB adapters.
Can I smoke my electronic cigarette in NO SMOKING places? Yes, it is perfectly legal to smoke electronic products in areas with a designated Smoking Ban; with smoking defined as: “Smoking refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance and smoking includes being in possession of lit tobacco or anything which contains lit tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked.” Electronic Cigarettes and Cigars, do not contain tobacco and are not lit; therefore, they are not included in a Smoking Ban. Products only produce water vapor making them ideal to smoke at many indoor and outdoor locations. As with traditional smoking products, users of Electronic Cigarettes or Cigars should not smoke around gas stations, chemicals or other flammable substances!
Can I get nicotine poisoning if I continue to smoke the E-Cigarette? No, you will not get nicotine poisoning from using the E-Cigarettes under customary usage. As added safety feature, our E-Cigarette has a built in electronic security system which stops automatically if too many inhalations occur within a short time space or you take a inhalation over 8 seconds long. What is the smoke that is released from the E-Cigarette? The smoke that is released from the your E-Cigarette is simply a vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. Electronic-Cigarette leaves no residue in the air, and it will not harm anyone around you with a second-hand smoke of traditional cigarette.
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Safe Vaping = Calculating Actual Battery Discharge Rate

Calculating Actual Battery Discharge Rate

Battery Voltage ÷ Resistance of coils = Actual Discharge Rate


Sony VCT4 (30A Battery) 3.7Volts

3.7 (Volts) ÷ 0.2 Ohm (Built) = 18.5 Amp Discharge

The Actual Discharge Rate must be lower than the Amp rating on the battery for it to be safe to use. If the actual discharge rate is higher the the batteries rating, it is trying to release more amperage than the battery can actually produce.